Lev Bromberg

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Plasmatron fuel converters have been investigated for the conversion of a wide range of fuels. This is a paper of a series of papers describing an effort to investigate experimentally and computationally plasmatron methane reformers. This paper describes the fluid dynamics modeling of the plasmatron methane reformer, with the hope of understanding(More)
Ethanol biofuel could play an important role in reducing petroleum consumption by enabling a substantial increase in the fuel efficiency of gasoline engine vehicles. This ethanol boosted engine concept uses a small amount ethanol to increase the efficiency of use of a much larger amount of gasoline by approximately 30%. Gasoline consumption and the(More)
Plasmatron fuel converters have been investigated for the conversion of a wide range of fuels. This paper is one of a series of paper investigating the performance of plasmatron reformers. In this paper a systematic experimental investigation is carried out of the reformation of propane in a plasmatron fuel reformer. The effect upon reformation of flow rate(More)
Calculations are described of knock suppression using direct ethanol injection in spark ignition gasoline/ethanol engines. The calculations show that evaporative cooling from direct ethanol injection, coupled with the high octane rating of ethanol, can be highly effective in inhibiting knock, thereby allowing use of small turbocharged engines with(More)
Improvements in diesel engine aftertreatment technology are needed to meet future environmental quality goals. Systems using recently developed compact plasmatron fuel converters in conjunction with aftertreatment catalysts could provide new opportunities for obtaining significant pollution reductions. Use of compact plasmatron reformers to produce(More)
The stabilization of thermal runaway in nearly ignited plasmas by actively controlled auxiliary heating is considered. The use of a variable amount of auxiliary heating for burn control can greatly increase the values of the power multiplication factor Q (fusion power/auxiliary heating power) relative to those values permitted with constant auxiliary(More)
Ethanol is receiving great interest as an alternative fuel. Methanol is another alcohol fuel that could serve as a replacement for gasoline. Although it is currently receiving much less attention, it has the potential to play an important role. Like ethanol, methanol also has the advantage of being a liquid fuel and it can be produced from gasification of a(More)
Onboard generation of hydrogen-rich gas can be used in a number of applications to improve environmental quality and reduce petroleum consumption of internal combustion engine vehicles. Plasmatron fuel reformer technology is being developed at MIT as means of practical on-board production of hydrogen-rich gas from a variety of fuels. The device is based on(More)
The siRNA transfection efficiency of nanoparticles (NPs), composed of a superparamagnetic iron oxide core modified with polycationic polymers (poly(hexamethylene biguanide) or branched polyethyleneimine), were studied in CHO-K1 and HeLa cell lines. Both NPs demonstrated to be good siRNA transfection vehicles, but unmodified branched polyethyleneimine (25(More)