Letong Feng

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While culture being the software controlling human mind, computer software development becomes one of the most creative activities that human undertake since the civilisation began. The only limitation in software creation is human imagination, and that limit is often self-imposed. The “Internetware”, referring to a software paradigm, aims to satisfy the(More)
This paper argues about a new conceptual modeling language for the White-Box (WB) security analysis. In the WB security domain, an attacker may have access to the inner structure of an application or even the entire binary code. It becomes pretty easy for attackers to inspect, reverse engineer, and tamper the application with the information they steal. The(More)
It is a widely accepted fact that there is much tacit knowledge being used in daily medical practice, which remains to be unknown knowns, or inexpressible known knowns. On the other hand, health information systems developers are determined to make clinical information standardized, exchangeable, and machine-understandable to certain extent. This paper(More)
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