Letitia Voicu

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The absorption, excitation and emission spectra of methotrexate (MTX) solutions in natural saline water and sodium hydroxide at 10(-4)-10(-5) MpH=8.4 were measured, while they were exposed to coherent and uncoherent visible and near ultraviolet (UV) light. Xe and Hg lamp and also a nitrogen pulsed laser radiation were used. The absorption spectra exhibited(More)
This study examined the modifications of acid gastric secretion caused by magnesium oxide, peroxide, silicate and sulphate in 805 patients with duodenal ulcers; The calcium-magnesium antagonism on the one hand and the acetazolamide - magnesium synergia on the other, were also investigated. Our results show that administration of magnesium, either oral or(More)