Leticia S. Sonon

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Selenium (Se), an essential nutrient for animals and humans, occurs as selenoproteins in enzymes. It is very important in animal nutrition because it functions as an anti-oxidant assisted by vitamin E. Se deficiency is a major problem which can be reduced or prevented by supplementation with inorganic or organic sources of Se. However, excessive(More)
Soybean and sunflower are summer annuals that can be grown as an alternative to corn and may be particularly useful in organic production systems for forage in addition to their traditional use as protein and/or oil yielding crops. Rapid and low cost methods of analyzing plant forage quality would be helpful for nutrition management of livestock. We(More)
Application of poultry litter (PL) to soil may lead to nitrogen (N) losses through ammonia (NH(3)) volatilization and to potential contamination of surface runoff with PL-derived phosphorus (P). Amending litter with acidified biochar may minimize these problems by decreasing litter pH and by retaining litter-derived P, respectively. This study evaluated the(More)
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