Leticia S. Lantican

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In this descriptive-exploratory study, we sought to describe and compare the similarities and differences between Filipino and Mexican-American primigravidas in social support networks, type of support received, and expectations regarding care from health care providers. Convenience sampling was used, and face-to-face interviews using the Norbeck Social(More)
Monitoring the occurrence and severity of symptoms among Mexican American adults undergoing cancer treatments, along with their self-care to alleviate symptoms, are understudied; the current study aimed to fill this gap in the literature. A total of 67 Mexican Americans receiving outpatient oncology treatments in the southwestern United States participated.(More)
This exploratory pilot study sought to determine the effectiveness of a Women's Mental Health Treatment Program. This program was offered in a women's unit within a private psychiatric hospital and advertised as a way to help women deal with problems and issues unique to their gender. Twenty-six women responded to a survey questionnaire that explored their(More)
This paper analyzed empirical data obtained from charts of eight clients with physical handicaps undergoing psychotherapy in an outpatient state mental health facility in West Texas. Research variables germane to psychotherapeutic issues encountered by these clients were explored. Content analysis of the charts revealed the following salient issues in(More)
This descriptive-exploratory pilot study analyzed the perceptions of services in an outpatient mental health facility located in a border city in southwest Texas among Mexican American clientele with chronic mental illness. Face-to-face interviews using structured questionnaires were conducted with high functioning mentally ill clients. The questionnaire,(More)
Background: Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the USA, exceeded only by heart disease. But studies of diverse or minority groups are limited. Purposes: To m onitor ( a) t he oc currence a nd (b) severity o f symptoms among Mexican-American adults undergoing outpatient cancer treatments, and their (c) symptom alleviation and self-care engagement(More)
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