Leticia P. Costa S. Prates

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In this paper we present the first evaluation results of a carefully designed piecewise linear frequency compression curve, to improve the recognition of fricative consonants, for patients with high-frequency dead regions in the cochlea. Our original frequency compression/transposition algorithm takes into account the average short-time spectrum of the most(More)
BACKGROUND acclimatization is the period that succeeds the fitting of hearing aids, when a progressive improvement of the hearing and speech recognition abilities is observed due to the new speech cues that are available to the hearing aid user. AIM to verify acclimatization after the fitting of hearing aids through objective (speech tests) and subjective(More)
BACKGROUND frequency compression. AIM to evaluate the index of speech recognition (IPRF) using frequency compression in three different ratios. METHODS monosyllabic words were recorded using an algorithm of frequency compression in three ratios: 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, generating three lists of words. Eighteen listeners accomplished the IPRF using the modified(More)
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