Leticia Gonçalves Resende Pereira

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Thirty non-castrated male lambs with 20±2.3 kg average body weight (BW) were randomly assigned to five treatments consisted of different dietary concentrations of crude glycerin (CG; 0, 3, 6, 9 and 12% on DM basis) to evaluate the effects on performance, carcass and meat quality traits. A quadratic effect was observed for performance (P=0.04), final BW(More)
BACKGROUND The consumption of low glycemic index (LGI) foods before exercise results in slower and more stable glycemic increases. Besides maintaining an adequate supply of energy during exercise, this response may favor an increase in fat oxidation in the postprandial period before the exercise compared to high glycemic index (HGI) foods. The majority of(More)
The adult subventricular zone (SVZ) contains Nestin+ progenitors that differentiate mainly into neuroblasts. Our previous data showed that interleukin-10 (IL-10) regulates SVZ adult neurogenesis by up-regulating the expression of pro-neural genes and modulating cell cycle exit. Here we addressed the specific mechanism through which IL-10 carries out its(More)
The adult subventricular zone (SVZ) is the main neurogenic niche in normal adult brains of mice and rats. Interferon gamma (IFNγ) has somewhat controversially been associated with SVZ progenitor proliferation and neurogenesis. The in vivo involvement of IFNγ in the physiology of the adult SVZ niche is not fully understood and its intracellular mediators are(More)
AIM The present report describes and discusses root canal variations in the internal morphology of maxillary molars. BACKGROUND Dental internal anatomy is directly related to all the technical stages of the endodontic treatment. Even though, in some situations a typical anatomical characteristics can be faced, and the professional should be able to(More)
CONTEXT Methotrexate (MTX) is used in the treatment of malignancies; however, its clinical application is limited by its toxic dose-related side effects. An alternative to overcome the toxicity of the MTX in healthy tissues is the design of an implantable device capable of controlling the delivery of this drug for an extended period within the tumor site.(More)
Replacement of soybean meal by peanut cake was evaluated on the meat quality of 45 Dorper × Santa Inês crossbred lambs. Animals were distributed in a completely randomized design, with five treatments and nine repetitions, and fed Tifton-85 hay and a concentrate mixed with 0.0%, 25.0%, 50.0%, 75.0% or 100.0% peanut cake based on the dry mass of the complete(More)
Papillary Renal Cell carcinoma (pRCC) is the second most common type of RCC, accounting for about 15% of all RCCs. Surgical excision is the main treatment option. Still, 10 - 15 % of clinically localized tumours will recur and/or develop metastasis early after surgery, and no reliable prognostic biomarkers are available to identify them. It is known that(More)
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