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Role of cerebellar adrenomedullin in blood pressure regulation
It is shown that AM binding sites are altered in cerebellum during hypertension, suggesting a role for cerebellar adrenomedullinergic system in blood pressure regulation and a novel mechanism of BP control which has not been described so far. Expand
Effect of Valsartan on Cerebellar Adrenomedullin System Dysregulation During Hypertension
It is demonstrated that valsartan is able to reverse the dysregulation of cerebellar adrenomedullinergic system; and they suggest that altered AM system in the cerebellum could represent the primary abnormality leading to hypertension. Expand
Dysregulation of Cerebellar Adrenomedullin Signaling During Hypertension
In the cerebellar vermis of normotensive rats, AM increases cGMP, NO, cAMP production, and ERK1/2 phosphorylation, while decreases basal antioxidant enzyme activity, which supports a dysregulation of several AM signaling pathways during hypertension in cerebellary vermis. Expand
Cerebellar adrenomedullin: A new target for blood pressure regulation
Adrenomedullin (AM) and their receptor components, CRLR, RAMP1, RAMP2 and RAMP3 are widely expressed in the central nervous system, including cerebellum. Recent evidence suggests a role forExpand
Effect of resveratrol on seric vascular endothelial growth factor concentrations during atherosclerosis.
Oral supplementation of resveratrol exerts anti-inflammatory and anti-atherosclerotic effects, decreasing serum concentrations of VEGF and CRP and the formation and evolution of atherosclerosis lesions. Expand
Cerebellar Adrenomedullinergic System. Role in Cardiovascular Regulation.
Dysregulation of cerebellar AM system during hypertension is demonstrated and a novel mechanism of blood pressure control which has not been described so far is suggested. Expand
Ghrelin and C-peptide as biomarkers for hypercholesterolemia
La inflamación y la hipercolesterolemia son considerados factores de riesgo involucrados en la patogénesis de las enfermedades cardiovasculares. La grelina y sus receptores están presentes en elExpand
Corrigendum to “Adrenomedullin and angiotensin II signaling pathways involved in the effects on cerebellar antioxidant enzymes activity” [Brain Res. Bull. 128 (2017) 83–91]
The authors regret the mistake in the original paper and wish to correct the authors name as follows: Leticia Figueira a,b, Anita Israela,*. Expand
Effect of cerebellar adrenomedullin during acute stress.
Results show that microinjection of AM in situ into the cerebellar vermis in SD, WKY and SHR rats, significantly decreased the pressor response induced by footshock stress, suggesting that the hypotensive action is mediated through regulation of sympathetic outflow. Expand