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Improved detection of thermal insulation efficiency in buildings could substantially contribute to reductions in energy consumption and the carbon footprint of domestic heating systems. Thermal insulation standards are now contractual obligations at the construction stage, although they are not standardized in buildings that are already in operation:(More)
Improving the detection of thermal insulation failures in buildings includes the development of models for heating process and fabric gain -heat flux through exterior walls in the building-. Thermal insulation standards are now contractual obligations in new buildings, the energy efficiency in the case of buildings constructed before the regulations adopted(More)
This ongoing interdisciplinary research is based on the application of genetic algorithms to simplify the process of predicting the mortality of a critical illness called endocarditis. The goal is to determine the most relevant features (symptoms) of patients (samples) observed by doctors to predict the possible mortality once the patient is in treatment of(More)
Laser milling is a relatively new micromanufacturing technique in the production of copper and other metallic components. This study presents multidisciplinary research, which is based on unsupervised connectionist architectures in conjunction with modelling systems, on the determination of the optimal operating conditions in this industrial process.(More)
The application of a two-step AI model to an automated pneumatic drilling process Javier Sedano a , Emilio Corchado b , Leticia Curiel Herrera b , José Ramón Villar Flecha c & Pedro Miguel Bravo b a Department of Electromechanical Engineering , University of Burgos , Burgos, Spain b Department of Civil Engineering , University of Burgos , Burgos, Spain c(More)
This study presents a research that identifies and applies unsupervised connectionist models in conjunction with modelling systems, in order todetermine optimal conditions to perform laser milling of metallic components. This industrial problem is defined by a data set relayed through sensors situated on a laser milling centre that is a machine-tool used to(More)
This study proposes the use of decision trees to detect possible complications in a critical disease called endocarditis. The endocarditis illness could produce heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, emboli, immunological disorders and death. The aim is to obtained a tree decision classifier based on the symptoms (attributes) of patients (the data(More)
The detection of thermal insulation failures in buildings in operation responds to the challenge of improving building energy efficiency. This multidisciplinary study presents a novel four-step soft computing knowledge identification model called IKBIS to perform thermal insulation failure detection. It proposes the use of Exploratory Projection Pursuit(More)
High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a minimally invasive therapy modality in which ultrasound beams are concentrated at a focal region, producing a rise of temperature and selective ablation within the focal volume and leaving surrounding tissues intact. HIFU has been proposed for the safe ablation of both malignant and benign tissues and as an(More)