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Social networking sites (SNS) currently boast more than half a billion active users worldwide, the majority of which are young people. With notable exceptions, few studies have ventured into the growing political realm that exists on these sites. This study expands research on SNS by examining both what encourages people to express themselves politically in(More)
Twitter provides a new and important tool for political actors. In the 2010 midterm elections, the vast majority of candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives and virtually all candidates for U.S. Senate and gov-ernorships used Twitter to reach out to potential supporters , direct them to particular pieces of information, request campaign(More)
Tailored within the increasingly competitive news environment, political talk shows have adopted a range of styles, heralding a rise in " combatant " and " comic " hosts to complement the conventional " correspondent. " Using an experimental design to rule out self-selection biases, this study isolates the impact of host style on media judgments. In(More)
The characters in children's television model behaviors and characteristics that have the potential to perpetuate or counter traditional gender stereotypes. This study utilizes a content analysis of the highest rated children's television programs in 2014, including the top programs for both preschoolers (ages 2-5) and school-age children (ages 6-11). The(More)
Social media Web sites such as YouTube offer activists unique opportunities to reach out to new audiences through a variety of diverse appeals. Yet the rules of engagement on social media should depend on the structures, goals, and characteristics of the movements engaging in this outreach. To explore how differences in social movements translate into(More)
Most of the research that pertains to study abroad focuses heavily on students, but not professionals who work in the field of international education. This thesis argues that a different perspective is useful to understand the growing trend of students who are studying abroad in developing or nontraditional countries, a different perspective is useful.(More)
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