Leticia Andrighetti

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Primary cultures of astrocytes exhibit a polygonal morphology, but on treatment with agents that increase cAMP they change to stellate cells. We found that astrocyte stellation also occurred on replacing the culture medium with saline buffered with HEPES. However, stellation did not occur when the medium was replaced with saline buffered with(More)
Granuloma annulare (GA) is a condition characterized by the presence of palisading granulomas usually in the dermis. Traditionally, the histopathological changes are described as consisting of focal degeneration of dermal collagen fibers. However, no convincing evidence for such alteration is found in the literature. A histopathological study was done to(More)
The placement of tissue expanders under the pectoralis major muscle has become a common procedure in breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Little information is available regarding the changes caused by tissue expansion on human skeletal muscle. In this study, we report the light and electron microscopic changes observed in 20 expanded pectoralis major(More)
Malignant transformation of human cells is associated with morphological and biochemical alterations. We have studied the distribution and pattern of staining of HMFG2 (human milk fat globulin) in normal breast, benign breast lesions, and 137 primary and metastatic breast carcinomas. Immunohistochemical staining was performed with an antibody to HMFG2 using(More)
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