Letian Liu

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As the smart phone becomes a remote processor for more functions in people daily lifes, the operators of the indoor survelience robots can be located anywhere if they have the smart phone. This paper presents the design of a mobile robotic system remotely controlled by a smart mobile phone via the Internet. A control client on the Android smart phone was(More)
Localization of an autonomous mobile robot has always been a topic of interest in Robotics community. The constraints of working under different environments are constantly a challenge in designing an efficient localization system. We propose a localization algorithm for a mobile robot, which will be used for home security. The objective is to perform(More)
This paper proposes a vision-based Semantic Unscented FastSLAM (UFastSLAM) algorithm for mobile robot combing the semantic relationship and the unscented FastSLAM. The landmarks are detected by a binocular vision, and the semantic observation model can be created by transforming the semantic relationships into the semantic metric map. Semantic Unscented(More)
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