Leszek Nowosielski

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We tested the hypothesis that depressed duodenal calcium absorption in the streptozotocin diabetic rat is the consequence of diabetes rather than nephrotoxicity of the diabetogenic agent causing abnormal renal vitamin D metabolism. We treated streptozotocin diabetic rats with insulin and compared their duodenal calcium transport response with that of(More)
Operators of accessing networks are interested in solutions related to the wave propagation models within built areas that can precisely define the signal level received by the subscriber accessing station for a selected propagation scenario. In the paper is presented new multi-variant empiric model (MEM). The presented model takes into account the average(More)
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) have recently gained attention as a fast and flexible vehicle for microwave modelling, simulation and optimization. This paper provides an overview of the possibility of applying artificial neural networks during the process of shaping the profile (radiation pattern) of microstrip antenna array. Some algorithms based on(More)
Current networks are required to operate the majority of companies. Basic networking protocols and mechanisms doesn't protect against attacks. The authors decided tested the security, because the data transfer between corporate headquarters and mobile workers using open networks (Internet). In order to ensure the confidentiality of Virtual Private Network(More)
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