Leszek Morawski

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Eurostat data shows that children and elderly are especially in risk of being in poverty. In 2004 the average rates of poverty risk in the European Union for these groups were about 19%. In Poland, the rate was 29% for children and only 7% for the elderly. We examine the role of the tax-benefit system in explaining this situation and analyse how much child(More)
Klin’-ing Up: Effects of Polish Tax Reforms on Those In and on Those Out In 2007 and 2008 Polish governments introduced a series of reforms which led to a substantial reduction in the tax “wedge” (in Polish: “klin”) on labour. We show that when considered together the package of introduced reforms brought much greater reductions in the tax burden compared(More)
Employment Fluctuations and Dynamics of the Aggregate Average Wage in Poland 1996-2003 The aggregate average wage is often used as an indicator of economic performance and welfare, and as such often serves as a benchmark for changes in the generosity of public transfers and for wage negotiations. Yet if economies experience a high degree of (nonrandom)(More)
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