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An overview of systems supplying water into the combustion chamber of diesel engines to decrease the amount of nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas
AbstractThe paper analyses legal requirements for the composition of exhaust gas emitted by ships, marine engines including. The background for this paper is the increasingly stricter limits set forExpand
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An Engine Room Simulator as a Tool for Environmental Education of Marine Engineers
This paper presents a possibility of using a full-mission engine room simulator as a tool for educating marine engineer officers to create pro-ecological behaviour of marine engineers. Expand
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Applying the Anticipatory Failure Determination at a Very Early Stage of a System’S Development: Overview and Case Study
Abstract Anticipatory Failure Determination (AFD) is a tool used in the TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) methodology. This article introduces its concept and describes the process of AFD inExpand
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Simulation and Experimental Studies of a Multi-Tubular Floating Sea Wave Damper
This article explores the issue of shore protection from sea waves and has presented the main methods used for coastal protection. It discusses the construction and operation of the multi-tubularExpand
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Is Poland an Innovative Country?
Abstract The potential for innovativeness is difficult to measure, though many have attempted to do so. In order to look at Poland’s innovation potential, its current position and its opportunity toExpand
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Basic Reliability Structures of Complex Technical Systems
This paper is a proposition of using reliability structures and based on them algorithms to ensure better diagnostics, maintenance and control of complex technical systems. Expand
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Qualitative and quantitative multi-criteria models of the importance of the components in reliability structure of a complex technical system
Abstract: The paper presents an example of qualitative and quantitative application of a method for assessing component importance of a reliability structure in the case of a complex technical systemExpand
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Proper matrix-reinforcement bonding in cast metal matrix composites as a factor of their good quality
Abstract The mechanism by which the matrix connects the reinforcement (bonding of the composite structure) affects the quality of metal matrix composites. This article describes and documents theExpand
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Material and Structural Modeling Aspects of Brain Tissue Deformation under Dynamic Loads
The aim of this work was to assess the numerous approaches to structural and material modeling of brain tissue under dynamic loading conditions. Expand
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A comparative components importance analysis of a complex technical system with the use of different importance measures
This paper presents a components importance analysis of a complex technical system with the use of selected reliability components importance measures. The analysis was carried out on a propellerExpand
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