Leszek Lewandowski

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This multi-institutional sleep study involved two phases aimed at investigating sleep alterations in patients with any stage of breast and lung cancer. The first phase of this study used an 82-item, 20-minute telephone survey to elicit information regarding the impact of sleep disturbances on a convenience sample of 150 patients. Of these patients, 44%(More)
This study surveyed the development and functioning of a group of 16 children with congenital hypothyroidism who had been followed closely since treatment was instituted at an average age of 15.6 days. This group of early-treated young children had no deficits in cognitive or adaptive functioning. Some isolated motor deficits were found, although results of(More)
The ear advantages of groups of Down Syndrome and developmentally retarded (NonDown) young adults, and normal youngsters matched for mental age were compared on dichotic listening performance. The paradigm employed strings of single, double, and triple digits presented to each ear under both free and cued recall conditions. The developmentally retarded and(More)
This study sought to investigate the left hemisphere deficit hypothesis regarding autism. A group of 15 autistic youngsters between the ages of 8 and 13 years was compared with a group of 15 mentally retarded youngsters matched for age and IQ on a set of measures presumed to be sensitive to neuropsychological dysfunction. The results suggested that this(More)
We examined the effect of tobacco smoking on the concentrations of leptin, soluble leptin receptor (sOB-R), total adiponectin, and free leptin index (FLI) in the serum of maternal-cord pairs. We also investigated the correlations between these biochemical parameters and newborn birth weight and length. The study included eighty-five healthy pregnant women,(More)
In metabolism of homocysteine several enzymes and vitamin cofactors are involves. Genetic abnormalities in these enzymes or nutritional deficiency vitamins, especially of folate may lead to hyperhomocysteinemia, a known risk factor for some pregnancy complications. High maternal homocysteine and low folate levels correlate with low birth weight. Maternal(More)
Iron deficiency relatively observed in pregnant women is assumed to be enhanced by cigarette smoking. Hepcidin, a peptide hormone produced by the liver as pro-hepcidin, has recently emerged as a central mediator of iron metabolism. Hepcidin regulates intestinal iron absorption, macrophage iron release, and the placental passage of iron. Maternal smoking is(More)
The special problems of travel during pregnancy have become clinically important as more women are traveling to remote places for business or recreation. Many issues need to be considered in providing health advice to the pregnant traveler. Health practitioners should be able to assist in the careful medical preparations that will ensure the safety of the(More)
Anemia during pregnancy is a risk factor of disturbance in pre- and postnatal child's development. Hepcidin plays the key role in iron metabolism, as protein participating in the regulation of intestinal absorption of this element and its release from macrophages, and transport across the placenta. Maternal smoking during pregnancy can result in(More)