Leszek Jozefowski

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The diffusion coefficient for rubidium in poly-(dimethylsiloxane) thin films has been determined via pulsed laser depletion and cw laser time-of-flight detection of desorbing atoms. The value of the diffusion coefficient of 1.2 AE 0.7 Â 10 À5 cm 2 /s agrees with a theoretical estimate and is an important quantity for a quantitative understanding of dynamic(More)
We have performed a pure optical frequency measurement of the 2S-12D two-photon transitions in atomic hydrogen and deuterium. From a complete analysis taking into account this result and all other precise measurements (by ourselves and other authors), we deduce optimized values for the Rydberg constant, R ` For many years, Doppler free two-photon(More)
Nanofibres from para-hexaphenylene and functionalized quaterphenylene molecules are grown on mica surfaces and are thereafter transferred into solution, where they either freely rotate in water or are space-fixed in sucrose. From freely rotating aggregates highly anisotropic angular intensity distributions of emitted light for individual aggregates are(More)
We have constructed an atom interferometer of the Mach-Zehnder type, operating with a supersonic beam of lithium. Atom diffraction uses Bragg diffraction on laser standing waves. With first order diffraction, our apparatus has given a large signal and a very good fringe contrast (74%), which we believe to be the highest ever observed with thermal atom(More)
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