Leszek Holenderski

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Synchronous programming is available through several formally defined languages having very different characteristics: ESTEREL is imperative, while LUSTRE and SIGNAL are declarative in style; STATECHARTS and ARGOS are graphical languages that allow one to program by constructing hierarchical automata. Our motivation for taking the synchronous design(More)
We give a detailed description of SymmSpin, a symmetry-reduction package for Spin. It ooers four strategies for state-space reduction , based on the heuristic that we presented in 33, and a fth mode for reference. A series of new experiments is described, underlining the eeectiveness of the heuristic and demonstrating the generalisation of the(More)
The problem of job stress is generally recognized as one of the major factors leading to a spectrum of health problems. People with certain professions, like intensive care specialists or call-center operators, and people in certain phases of their lives, like working parents with young children, are at increased risk of getting overstressed. For instance,(More)
The SACRES project is an Esprit R&D project, SACRES members are : As its name indicates, SACRES is dealing with the development of new design methodologies and associated tools for safety critical embedded systems. Main targeted users are aeronautics, automobile, process control and energy. Emphasis has been put on formal techniques for modular veriication(More)