Leszek A Rybaczyk

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BACKGROUND Expression of purine genes is modulated by inflammation or experimental colitis and altered expression leads to disrupted gut function. We studied purine gene dysregulation profiles in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and determined whether they can distinguish between Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC) using Pathway Analysis and a(More)
BACKGROUND In humans, serotonin has typically been investigated as a neurotransmitter. However, serotonin also functions as a hormone across animal phyla, including those lacking an organized central nervous system. This hormonal action allows serotonin to have physiological consequences in systems outside the central nervous system. Fluctuations in(More)
Identifying consistent changes in cellular function that occur in multiple types of cancer could revolutionize the way cancer is treated. Previous work has produced promising results such as the identification of p53. Recently drugs that affect serotonin reuptake were shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer in man. Here, we analyze an ensemble of cancer(More)
The genomics era has yielded great advances in the understanding of cancer biology. At the same time, the immense complexity of the cancer genome has been revealed, as well as a striking heterogeneity at the whole-genome (or omics) level that exists between even histologically similar tumors. The vast accrual and public availability of multi-omics databases(More)
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