Leszek A. Dobrzański

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Original scienc paper In this paper the structure and properties investigations results of the cast magnesium alloys in the as cast state, after heat treatment and laser surface treatment are presented. The aim of this work was to improve the surface layer properties of the Mg-Al-Zn cast magnesium alloys by melting and feeding of TiC, VC, WC, SiC, NbC and(More)
The results from clinical tests of single implant-retained dentures (SIDs) are quite promising. However, the biomechanics of SIDs are still insufficiently determined. The aim of the study was to compare the implant loads and pressures beneath one and two implant-retained dentures (TIDs) under oblique mastication forces. The finite element method was used to(More)
Purpose: The goal of this work is to develop the neural network model for prediction of properties Ti+TiN, Ti+Ti(C,N) and Ti+TiC coatings obtained in the PVD process. Design/methodology/approach: Neural network models were developed based on the experimental results multifractal analysis of the examined coatings were made basing on measurements obtained(More)
Purpose: This paper presents the application of artificial neural networks for mechanical properties prediction Design/methodology/approach: impact resistance or hardness are predicted. Findings: Results obtained in the given ranges of input parameters show very good ability of constructed neural networks to predict described mechanical properties for(More)
Purpose: The technological progress in material engineering causes the continuous need to develop product testing methods providing comprehensive quality evaluation. In material engineering it is the images obtained by various methods that have become the source of information about materials. Design/methodology/approach: The presented methodology, making(More)
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to present the current state and development perspectives of Materials Science and Engineering in Poland. Design/methodology/approach: The actual state of affairs, further development trends, assessment of the state integration of scientific circles and proposals for the joint activities for development in the area of(More)
The merit of the project consists in the interdisciplinary joining of the knowledge in the area of light metal alloys, including Al and/or Mg, in the area of materials processing connected with the entire scope of problems connected with manufacturing of products and their elements, in the area of the automated low-pressure die casting, and also in the(More)
The aim of the paper was to optimize the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and co-firing in the infrared conveyor furnace parameters in front Screen Printed (SP) contacts. The co-firing in the infrared conveyor furnace was carried out at various temperature. The SLS was carried out at various a laser beam, scanning speed of the laser beam and front electrode(More)
Purpose: The aim of this work is to present selected problems concerning the application of Finite Element Method in materials engineering on the example of chosen program which makes the most of this method to simulation. Design/methodology/approach: Application of Finite Element Method was discussed and essential advantages resulting from application of(More)
The paper presents investigation results of reinforcements shape influence on the structure and properties of composite materials fabricated by pressure infiltration method. Casting aluminum alloy EN AC – AlSi12 was used as composite matrix whereas ceramic preforms based on Al2O3 particles and short alumina fibres as reinforcement. Preforms based on(More)