Lester M Coleman

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This paper has two main objectives. Firstly, to review the feasibility and validity of the various methods that have been used to measure puberty. With an appreciation of these measurement issues, the second objective is to summarize the evidence-base as to whether the age at menarche and the age at onset of puberty has decreased in recent years. In(More)
Speech addressed to different categories of listeners was examined in a study in which undergraduate women taught a block design task to either a 6-year-old child, a retarded adult, a peer who spoke English as a second language (foreigner), or a peer who was an unimpaired native speaker of English. The speech addressed to children differed from the speech(More)
The importance of increasing young women's level of physical activity is recognized as a priority within the United Kingdom and other Westernized nations. This study, conducted in two distinct geographical locations in the United Kingdom, explores the leading influences upon levels of physical activity participation among 75 young women aged 15-19. Through(More)
Previous research has not systematically examined the relationship of perceived race-based discriminations to labor force participation or job related stresses-problems experienced by Black women. The present study investigated the relative contributions of perceived race-based discriminations and sociodemographic characteristics to employment status and(More)
This study examined how alcohol consumption over a single session can affect the likelihood of risky sex in adolescents. Risky sexual behavior, as defined in this study, included sexual intercourse without the use of contraception or aNY sexual behavior that was subsequently regretted. In-depth interviews were conducted with 64 adolescents (aged 14-17(More)
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