Lester I. McCann

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Much of the research on the antecedents and consequences of birth control has focused on teenagers and members of racial minority groups, but the trends in contraceptive use indicate that the danger of unwanted pregnancy exists for most women throughout the childbearing ages of 14-45, for white and middle class women as well as minority women and women from(More)
Division is the most intellectually challenging of the basic operators of relational algebra. Although its utility is unquestioned, its presentation by many textbooks, and therefore by many instructors, leaves much to be desired. This paper examines the standard approaches used to express division in relational algebra and SQL, explains the derivation of(More)
This paper presents an object–oriented approach to the problem of finding optimal binary search trees. We show that object–oriented techniques produce a solution that is an improvement over those created procedurally and that is well within the reach of our undergraduate students. Combining the study of optimality with that of object–oriented design helps(More)
Numerous studies tout the effectiveness of guided lecture notes in improving the quality of student in-class notes, and subsequently improving student performance on quizzes and exams. We have extended this idea, producing electronic 'guided slides' for use in a first semester discrete mathematics course taught for undergraduate computer science students.(More)
The efficiency of Internet search engines has made it trivial for students to find implementations of standard algorithms. This fact has led computer science educators to be more creative with their assignments to encourage students to create their own implementations. Unfortunately, excessive creativity can obscure learning objectives, particularly for(More)
These two studies explored the cognitive decision-making process which differentiate effective contraceptors form the ineffective contraceptors (Study 1), and applied these findings to the development and testing of educational and cognitive interventions aimed at a group of sexually active young women at risk of becoming pregnant (Study 2). The results(More)
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