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Oncogenic osteomalacia (OO) is a rare paraneoplastic syndrome of osteomalacia due to phosphate wasting. The phosphaturic mesenchymal tumor (mixed connective tissue variant) (PMTMCT) is an extremely rare, distinctive tumor that is frequently associated with OO. Despite its association with OO, many PMTMCTs go unrecognized because they are erroneously(More)
BACKGROUND Metaplastic breast cancer is a rare disease with little information available to guide therapy. The goals of this study were to describe the patient characteristics, systemic therapies and clinical outcomes of all patients with primary metaplastic breast cancer treated at Mayo Clinic between 1976 and 1997. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients were(More)
Medullary thyroid carcinoma accounts for 10% of thyroid malignancies. Accurate determination of the extent of disease is important because surgery is required for initial treatment and recurrence. High-resolution (10-MHz) ultrasonography (US) of the neck was used to study 15 patients with medullary thyroid carcinoma; nine of the 15 had undergone(More)
The malignant vascular tumors of bone represent an uncommon diverse group of tumors with widely variable clinical and radiographic presentations. Although the radiographic imaging features of the lytic osseous lesions typically seen with this group of tumors are relatively nonspecific, the propensity to develop multifocal disease in an anatomic region is a(More)
We determined the pattern of mutations in exons 2-11 and adjacent intronic regions in breast cancers from Midwestern US white women. Twenty-one mutations were detected in 53 tumors (39.6%). Comparisons of the pattern of mutations within exons 5-9 showed that the frequency of missense mutations (44%) was lower in breast cancers of US Midwestern women than in(More)
The benign vascular tumors of bone represent a diverse group of tumors that can present with a broad spectrum of clinical signs and symptoms. They can also present a significant diagnostic challenge due to their widely variable radiographic imaging and histologic features. Some of the tumors manifest as clearly benign lesions with tissue-specific diagnostic(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the incidence of breast carcinoma and survival in patients younger than 25 years old, and to describe presenting clinical signs and symptoms of breast cancer in this age group. METHODS A population-based descriptive study and case review in Olmsted County, Minnesota, was conducted using the resources of the Rochester Epidemiology(More)