Lester D. Taylor

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Current approaches to discovery-stage drug metabolism studies (pharmacokinetics, microsomal stability, etc.) typically use triple-quadrupole-based approaches for quantitative analysis. This necessitates the optimization of parameters such as Q1 and Q3 m/z values, collision energy, and interface voltages. These studies detect only the specified compound and(More)
Price and Income Elasticities Estimated From BLS Consumer Expenditure Surveys and ACCRA Price Data Lester D. Taylor University of Arizona* This paper represents a low-key effort to estimate both price and income elasticities for several broad categories of expenditure from cross-sectional data sets that combine price information collected by ACCRA with the(More)
Assessing the harmful effects of multicollinearity in a regression model with multiple predictors has always been one of the great problems in applied econometrics. As correlations amongst predictors are almost always present to some extent (especially in time-series data generated by natural experiments), the question is at what point does(More)
Stability of U.S. Consumption Expenditure Patterns: 1996 1999 Lester D. Taylor University of Arizona A cornerstone of macroeconomic analysis since publication of Keynes’s General Theory in 1936 has been a strong belief in a stable aggregate consumption function. At a micro level, there has been an equally strong belief in invariant individual tastes and(More)
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