Lester Cowell

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BACKGROUND Recent evidence suggests that melanoma is a family of different tumours with varying abilities to grow and metastasize. Trends in melanoma epidemiology show a strong increase in the incidence of thin melanoma, with no corresponding increase in mortality or incidence of thick melanoma. We initially evaluated five cases and found that none had(More)
C OLLAGEN BUNDLES HAVE BIREFRINGENT properties that cause a rapid randomization of polarized light, explaining why collagen is more conspicuous under polarized dermoscopy. Skin lesions with an increased amount of collagen will often reveal shiny, bright white, orthogonal linear streaks, which we have termed “chrysalis structures.” These structures are not(More)
BACKGROUND Melanomas vary in growth rate from rapidly developing nodular melanomas to slow-growing melanomas (SGM) that hardly change over years. OBJECTIVES To evaluate longitudinal changes in dermoscopic findings of SGM. METHODS We retrospectively analysed a dermoscopic image dataset from 15 pigmented lesion clinics, of SGM that were followed(More)
Metastatic melanoma is a highly heterogeneous tumor; thus, methods to analyze tumor-derived cells circulating in blood should address this diversity. Taking this into account, we analyzed, using multiparametric flow cytometry, the co-expression of the melanoma markers melanoma cell adhesion molecule and melanoma-associated chondroitin sulphate proteoglycan(More)
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