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BACKGROUND Whereas studies have revealed that the cryopreservation of human semen increases sperm DNA fragmentation, the mechanisms involved in this type of cryo-injury are largely unknown. Elucidation of these mechanisms may provide insight into preventing such injury. METHODS We obtained 60 semen samples from 60 men and conducted experiments to(More)
This methods-oriented paper introduces visual methods and specifically photography to study immediate information space (Lee, 2003); that is, information-rich settings such as offices or homes. It draws upon the authors' firsthand ethnographic field experiences, a review of relevant theoretical and methodological literature , and an analysis of cases within(More)
Traditional, centralised offices and workspaces have provided a common setting for information practices research (Courtright, 2007; Harris and Dewdney, 1994). One specific line of information practices inquiry concerns personal information management, individuals' daily activities of " acquiring, organising, maintaining, retrieving, using, and controlling(More)
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