Leslie S. Liu

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1 Abstract—Mobile handheld devices communicating over wireless networks now represent a capable, robust, cost-effective, usable platform for enterprise mobile solutions. These solutions must be manageable, secure, scalable, and capable of integration with other enterprise components. The scale of enterprise mobile solution deployments demands high levels of(More)
Mobile caching is a popular technique that has been widely applied in mobile applications to reduce the bandwidth usage, battery consumption, and perceived lag. To protect the confidentiality of cached data, the data with sensitive information has to be encrypted as it is cached on mobile devices. Currently, several mobile platforms provide encryption(More)
Image-based search has become an increasingly active area of research. Despite the fact that many resources have been spent on creating new ideas and improving existing algorithms and designs, existing image-based search engines do not provide scalability or accuracy that is even remotely close to today's text-based search engines. The challenges in(More)
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