Leslie S Lewis

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Ukraine has been experiencing epidemic diphtheria since 1991. In efforts to control this epidemic, a mass vaccination campaign was held in April 1995. Persons not vaccinated in the previous 3 years were considered eligible for vaccination with tetanus-diphtheria toxoids (Td). Two cluster sample surveys were conducted to determine vaccination coverage(More)
1,003 patients with meningococcal disease admitted to a single hospital during the course of a three-month epidemic were studied. A progressive decline in mortality, especially among patients with acute meningococcaemia, and a falling incidence of systemic and severe neurological complications among patients with meningitis were observed. It is suggested(More)
In 1977 Zaria, in Northern Nigeria, was affected by a severe epidemic of group A meningococcal infection, 1,257 patients being admitted to hospital with the disease during a three-month period. The epidemic started towards the end of the dry season when it was hot, dry and dusty and finished shortly after the onset of the rains. The over-all attack rate was(More)
Cascade enzyme inhibitors (C1-esterase inhibitor, C3b inactivator, antithrombin III) and other major proteolytic enzyme inhibitors (alpha 1 trypsin inhibitor, alpha 1 chymotrypsin inhibitor, inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor, alpha 2 macroglobulin) as well as C3 and alpha 1 acid glycoprotein, have been examined in the sera of Nigerian patients suffering from(More)
The inability to adequately support a patient on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) due to impaired drainage is not an uncommon occurrence during support. Typically, the causes include hypovolemia, kinks in the circuit, cannula malposition, or inadequate cannula size. In this report we present an uncommon etiology of this problem. A 3-year-old(More)
Tumor emboli to peripheral vessels usually arise from atrial myxomas. A new case of non-myxomatous embolization is presented, as well as a review of the literature regarding embolization from previously unrecognized malignancies. Sites of origin of peripheral tumor emboli are discussed, as are possible pathological mechanisms.
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