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The species assemblages of cichlids in the three largest African Great Lakes are among the richest concentrations of vertebrate species on earth. The faunas are broadly similar in terms of trophic diversity, species richness, rates of endemism, and taxonomic composition, yet they are historically independent of each other. Hence, they offer a true and(More)
Coral reefs of north Jamaica, normally sheltered, were severely damaged by Hurricane Allen, the strongest Caribbean hurricane of this century. Immediate studies were made at Discovery Bay, where reef populations were already known in some detail. Data are presented to show how damage varied with the position and orientation of the substraturn and with the(More)
Despite prevention efforts, childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. This ethnographic study seeks to enhance understandings of the sociocultural dimensions of childhood obesity and inform prevention efforts. Using participant observation, interviews, and life histories, this research probes the sociocultural roots of(More)
There has been growing interest in the environmental factors that contribute to poor health outcomes, particularly in areas where health disparities are pronounced. The locations of food deserts, or unhealthy food environments, correspond to areas with the highest proportions of African-American/Black residents, a population suffering from higher rates of(More)
This study explores low-income African American and Puerto Rican women’s conceptions and practices around breastfeeding. It examines the impact of such diverse factors as social constructions of the body, local mores around infant care, the practicalities of food availability, in the context of interactions with family members and friends, institutions, and(More)
On 6 August 1980, Hurricane Allen pounded the north coast of Jamaica with its heaviest seas of this century. The resulting destruction of fish habitats was followed by changes in predator abundance, herbivore behavior, and the distribution of territorial damselfishes. One year later, fish assemblages differed between patches of reef more or less severely(More)
The ngege, Oreochromis esculentus Graham (Perciformes;Cichlidae), was a numerically important phytoplanktivore inLakeVictoria, East Africa prior to its extirpation and subsequentreplacement following the introduction of its sister species,O. niloticus Boulenger (Cichlidae). The disappearance of O. esculentus has been attributed to predation,(More)
England. Despite declining health BRo^, as friends and colleagues around the globe knew her, retained her fabulous sense of humor and famously generous good spirits, graciously entertaining a steady stream of visitors at her Sussex home up until very near the time of her death. Ro was an exceptional woman whose intellectual legacy will long endure, not only(More)
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