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PURPOSE To evaluate the safety, pharmacokinetics, and antitumor activity of AMG 386, an investigational selective angiopoietin 1/2-neutralizing peptibody, in combination with FOLFOX-4 (F), carboplatin/paclitaxel (C/P), or docetaxel (D), in adult patients with advanced solid tumors. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Three cohorts of patients (F, n = 6; C/P, n = 8; D, n(More)
Experiments were performed on twenty-two neurologically normal subjects in order to investigate the effects of skin brushing on H reflex excitability in triceps surae. H reflex amplitude was observed to decrease during brushing of a 2 cm x 10 cm area of skin overlying triceps surae, returning to control levels when brushing ceased. Alterations in the(More)
BACKGROUND Doubts have been expressed about the performance of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) clinical classification criteria for osteoarthritis when applied in the general population. OBJECTIVE To investigate whether the distribution of population subgroups and underlying disease severity might explain the performance of these criteria in(More)
The present experiments demonstrate that repetitive activation of as few as two joint afferents by an imposed mechanical stimulus results in entrainment of stretch-induced firing of quadriceps motor units. There is no significant input from extracapsular receptors as the effect is abolished during local anaesthetic block of the joint nerve. These results(More)
The study investigated relations between effects of repeated ankle plantar-flexion movements exercise on the soleus Hoffmann (H) reflex and on postural body sway when maintaining upright stance. Ten young volunteers performed five sets of ankle plantar-flexions of both lower limbs. Assessment of the feet centre-of-pressure (COP) displacement and H-reflex(More)
PURPOSE This phase I study evaluated the effect of folate supplementation on the toxicity, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of pemetrexed in patients with locally advanced or metastatic cancer. It also examined two different types of vitamin supplementation and whether the extent of prior myelosuppressive therapy affected pemetrexed tolerability. (More)
Pressures were recorded in ten knees from five subjects with informed consent. Resting intra-articular pressures were found to be sub-atmospheric with a mean value of -5 +/- 1.5 mmHg (S.E. of mean). There was little variation in intra-articular pressure with changing joint angle in the normal joint. Infusion of as small a volume as 5 ml of sterile saline(More)
It has been widely assumed that joint receptors contribute to the reflex regulation of movement and posture, although there have been few clear demonstrations of joint-mediated reflex actions on alpha-motoneurones other than those attributable to flexor reflex afferents. The present study extends our recent work on joint-mediated reflexes by using Fourier(More)
Experiments were performed to investigate whether acute knee joint inflammation, induced by intra-articular injection of carrageenan and kaolin, significantly influences the magnitude of the flexion withdrawal reflex of knee flexors in the decerebrate, low-spinal cat. It was observed that after injection of these inflammatory agents, reflex intensity(More)
Recordings were obtained from slowly adapting mechanoreceptors innervating the posterior aspect of the cat knee joint capsule. It was observed that, with rising intra-articular volume, initially both intra-articular pressure and the neural discharge increased. This increase was dependent on the rate of fluid accumulation within the joint. However, the joint(More)