Leslie P. Bullock

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The pseudohermaphrodite rat is characterized by lack of androgen-dependent differentiation. Treatment of these rats with testosterone failed to produce the expected changes in preputial and adrenal gland weights and hexobarbital metabolism. This insitivity of the end organ to testosterone could not be explained by defective formation of dihydrotestosterone.
This study was designed to characterize mouse kidney ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) activity as an androgenic end point and to use ODC activity to detect an androgenic effect of antiandrogens. Enzyme activity was not affected by freezing the whole kidney or the 15,000 X g supernatant for up to 7 days. ODC activity in female mice had a diurnal variation that(More)
Renal weight and β-glucuronidase activity are two of several well-characterized androgen-responsive parameters inMus musculus. A similar sexual dimorphism was not reported for a second mouse species,Mus caroli, however. Since this was not associated with a general absence of androgen action, we considered whether a localized defect in androgen receptors or(More)
The pathogenesis of aneurysm formation was studied in Blotchy (Blo) mice which have a hereditary defect in collagen and elastin cross-linking. Elastin breakdown began at an early age and progressed rapidly. Changes observed included replacement of elastica by fibroblasts and ground substance. More advanced lesions were characterized by infiltrates of(More)