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Steady plane flow under gravity of a symmetric ice sheet resting on a horizontal rigid bed, subject to surface accumulation and ablation, basal drainage, and basal sliding according to a shear-tractionvelocity power law, is treated . The surface accumulation is taken to depend on height, and the drainage and sliding coefficient also depend on the height of(More)
A dry snow pack is viewed as an interacting mixture of rigid ice grains and air occupying the pore space in the matrix. The three-dimensional mass, momentum and energy balances are formulated within the framework of interacting continua theory. The assumption of a common ice and air temperature is made to reflect the very slow relative motion between the(More)
The propagation of a periodic thermal wave into snow is significantly altered by the presense of a shallow rock interface because of the large difference in thermal properties of the two media. The temperature distribution is modeled using classical heat conduction equations subject to a periodic diurnal or seasonal surface heat flux condition, jump(More)
This study compared common deployment-related health issues and correlates of mental health service utilization among rural and urban veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND) living in Hawaii. Frequency of utilization of a broad range of mental health resources, including clergy/spiritual(More)
BACKGROUND An increasing number of studies within the field of telemedicine and e-health are designed as noninferiority studies, aiming to show that the telemedicine/e-health solution is not inferior to the traditional way of treating patients. OBJECTIVE The objective is to review and sum up the status of noninferiority studies within this field,(More)
Ice-core data are the only source of ice response on timescales of hundreds to thousands of years, which is necessary to describe polar ice-sheet flows and their interaction with changing climatic conditions. Ice properties, such as a grain growth relation, require knowledge of each ice particle’s history since first deposited at the surface, and not simply(More)
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