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Neurocysticerosis is an affection of the central nervous system by the larvae of the Taenia solium. Although its diagnosis in our country is exceptional, in recent years a notable increase in the number of cases diagnosed has been observed, due to the phenomenon of immigration from countries where the disease is endemic. The most frequent form of(More)
BACKGROUND The spectrum of gastroenterology-related diseases related to obesity is growing. Few clinical tools exist to aid in clinician-guided dietary counseling. GOALS (1) Develop and validate a 1-page diet history form that would provide information on dietary factors that can contribute to gastrointestinal (GI) illness and to assess adherence to the(More)
INTRODUCTION Radiological control of the breast that has been operated because of cancer and reconstructed has a double aim: to provide early detection of any recurrence and data on the state of the reconstructive mechanisms employed. METHODS We must know the clinical-surgical antecedents of the patient, especially the surgical technique, the implant(More)
BACKGROUND Pylephlebitis is thrombophlebitis of the portal vein and/or of its branches; it is acute and generally arises as a complication of inflammatory intra-abdominal processes or of surgical interventions in patients with blood discrasies. As its clinical picture is fairly non-specific, radiological findings, while not pathognomonic, are of great use(More)
The bifurcated needle vaccination method used successfully against smallpox is a relatively simple technique that can be administered by personnel with only basic preparation and a minimum of training. This fact suggests that it could prove useful in campaigns of BCG vaccination against tuberculosis--especially for vaccination of newborns. With this end in(More)
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