Leslie Mezei

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One of the most important aspects in the designof any computer system is determining the basic data types and structures to be used. In making such decisions the main consideration is the manner in which the data must function in their intended application. In defining the data structures for the music system of the Structured Sound Synthesis Project, we(More)
OBJECTIVE To design a diagnostic protocol that uses appropriate techniques, including ultrasonography, to assess cardiovascular health and detect primary cardiac diseases in gorillas and to establish a database of reference values for cardiac measurements in clinically normal gorillas. DESIGN Prospective study. ANIMALS 5 adult male lowland gorillas from(More)
-An interactive system, SIMILE, for the construction, manipulation and animation of systems dynamics models is described. The system is intended to be used primarily as an educational tool, to allow users to experiment with and develop systems dynamics models. However, the system also may be used for creating films of these models. A model is represented(More)