Leslie M Zatz

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RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The goal was to determine discordance rates between preliminary radiology reports provided by on-call radiology house staff and final reports from attending radiologists on cross-sectional imaging studies requested by emergency department staff after hours. MATERIALS AND METHODS A triplicate carbon copy reporting form was(More)
The relationship between size of cerebral ventricles in chronic schizophrenics and performance on a comprehensive neuropsychological battery, the Standardized Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery, was investigated. Ventricular size was determined by using a planimeter to measure the size of the lateral ventricles and the ventricular body, if present,(More)
A semiautomated computer analysis was developed to estimate fluid volumes in each hemicranium from computed tomography scans. The method was used to estimate total ventricular and sulcal fluid in 123 normal subjects aged 23-88 years. A wide range of normal values was found. The trend was for the estimated ventricular and sulcal fluid volumes to remain(More)
The CT values of a variety of materials were studied in an EMI and a Syntex head scanner. The presence of bone-simulating rings changed the CT values despite the use of constant length water paths and software corrections. Errors due to beam hardening in CT scanning are discussed. These errors could be of significance, particularly in quantitative studies.(More)