Leslie M. LeCron

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In a series of open pilot studies, intravenous domperidone was given to three groups of post-operative patients, at doses ranging from 10 mg to 60 mg. As a result of these studies, it was decided that a regime of 20 mg initially, followed by maintenance doses of 10 mg at 6 hourly intervals was highly effective in preventing post-operative nausea and(More)
Age regression under hypnosis, sometimes to infancy, is a phenomenon usually obtainable in a somnambulistic subject. A number of researchers have sought to test its validity. Confirmation of this has been shown by intelligence and Rorschach tests, changed patterns of behavior, re-animation of former conditioned reflexes, ability to name correctly the day of(More)
Periduralaneaesthesia by the cervical route (C6-C7 or C7-D1) or by the upper lumbar route with an ascending catheter, permit thoracic surgery in all its applications. The reduction in operative bleeding is an appreciable advantage of the method, and automatic nervous stability is remarkable. On the other hand, keeping the patient in the waking state is a(More)