Leslie Lotz

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Visual-motor integration functioning has been identified as playing an integral role in different aspects of a child's development. Sensory-motor development is not only foundational to the physical maturation process, but is also imperative for progress with formal learning activities. Deficits in visual-motor integration have been identified as precursors(More)
Eleven new species of Cheiracanthium, C. boendense sp. nov. (Democratic Republic of Congo), C. falcis sp. nov. (Gabon), C. foordi sp. nov. (South Africa), C. ghanaense sp. nov. (Ghana), C. kabalense sp. nov. (Uganda), C. kakamega sp. nov. (Kenya), C. kakumense sp. nov. (Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana), C. lukiense sp. nov. (Democratic(More)
The Afrotropical representatives of the spider genus Cheiracanthium C.L. Koch, 1839 from Madagascar and the Comoros Islands are revised, and new species are described. Five described species are recognized: C. africanum Lessert, 1921, C. furculatum Karsch, 1879, C. insulare (Vinson, 1863), C. leucophaeum Simon, 1896, and C. ludovici Lessert, 1921. The(More)
Twenty-three new species of the Afrotropical sac spider genus Cheiramiona Lotz & Dippenaar-Schoeman, 1999 are described: C. baviaan sp. nov. (♀, South Africa), C. boschrandensis sp. nov. (♀, South Africa), C. debeeri sp. nov. (♂, South Africa), C. haddadi sp. nov. (♂, South Africa), C. hlathikulu sp. nov. (♂, South Africa), C. hogsbackensis sp. nov. (♀, ♂,(More)
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