Leslie Krauss

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Revealing the lung tumor genome has directed the current treatment strategies toward targeted therapy. First line treatments targeting the genome of lung tumor cells have been approved and are on the market. However, they are limited by the small number of patients with the current investigated genetic mutations. Novel treatment administration modalities(More)
Lung cancer therapies during the last decade have focused on targeting the genome of cancer cells, and novel routes for administering lung cancer therapies have been investigated for decades. Aerosol therapies for several systematic diseases and systemic infections were introduced into the market a decade ago. One of the main issues of aerosol therapies has(More)
AIM To develop insulin loaded deoxycholic acid conjugated PEGylated polyhydroxybutyrate co-polymeric nanoparticles and carry out in vitro and in vivo testing of enteric coated granules comprising these nanoparticles. MATERIALS & METHODS Insulin loaded nanoparticles were prepared and characterized in vitro. Cellular uptake was studied using hyperspectral(More)
BACKGROUND There are currently many techniques and devices available for the diagnosis of lung cancer. However, rapid on-site diagnosis is essential for early-stage lung cancer, and in the current work we investigated a new diagnostic illumination nanotechnology. METHODS Tissue samples were obtained from lymph nodes, cancerous tissue, and abnormal(More)
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