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This paper describes the visual instruction set (VIS). This is a RISC-like extension to the SPARC V9 instruction set that provides core instructions that greatly enhance the graphics and image processing capabilities of SPARC processors. VIS's first implementation is in the new UltraSPARC microprocessor.
UltraSPARC is the first microprocessor from Sun Microsystems' SPARC Technology Business to implement the new 64-bit SPARC V9 architecture. ULtraSPARC is equipped with unique multimedia capabilities and is capable of 4-way superscalar instruction dispatch, with an emphasis on maximal system efficiency and throughput in the execution of complex,(More)
A description is given of the Intel i860 processor, which was designed for use in low-cost 3D graphics workstations. These products need high performance to support the operating system, simulations, transforms, and shading calculations. The integer unit provides high performance for Unix and other operating systems, the floating-point unit provides high(More)
Over one hundred micro-architecture features were analyzed and simulated in order to determine if they should be included in UltraSPARC-I. A fast and flexible performance simulator was developed in order to model these features. In this paper, we describe UPS (UltraSPARC-I Performance Simulator), and show how it was used to do trade-off analysis.
The paper discusses the benefits of microprocessor-based distributed processing systems, which are greater than those of conventional timeshared mini or main-frame systems. It highlights the advantages of the NS16000 microprocessor family for this application, and it explains how the NS16000 operating system supports distributed processing.
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