Leslie Kass

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Competing in various athletic events (track meet, basketball game, or fencing match) can produce analgesia to cold pressor stimuli in male and female college athletes compared with baseline assessments. This competition-induced analgesia has been attributed to the stress associated with competition, which has components related to both physical exercise and(More)
Could you please make sure that these documents are part of the record for the industry proposal to resolve the ETSZ issue that was agreed upon by the NRC on our last telecon on March 4 th? If it would help, I can send these in a letter to you as well. Our understanding is that the NRC agrees the proposed scope is satisfactory. Also, the industry will(More)
Enclosed is the subject final EPRI report on the validation of CLASSI and SASSI codes. This document has been updated to include an additional appendix. It is marked draft only because it has not been formally published as an EPRI document. However, no changes are anticipated as a result of that process. The industry believes that this document describes an(More)
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