Leslie K. Duclos

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Introduction Just-in-time (JIT), as an operational philosophy, has been of great interest to manufacturers and researchers alike over the past decade. Toyota Motor Company is credited with developing and operating the approach. During the early 1970s, the application of this philosophy strengthened their competitiveness in the automobile industry. Other(More)
Computerized information systems use in material management is expected to increase over the next decade. The goal of computerization is to improve information and productivity. However, without a through understanding of materiel management inventory control techniques implemented through the software, meeting this goal is questionable at best. Using(More)
For several years, the authors have maintained a simulation (sim) in Second Life TM , with management responsibility for allocating sim resources across research and instructional projects, some of which involved working with residents. Although not originally anticipated to be a research site in management theory and practice, the project presented an(More)
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