Leslie Jonathan P.S. Ang

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Tuberculosis and sarcoidosis are chronic systemic diseases that have similar pulmonary and extra-pulmonary manifestations. Multiple studies have found an epidemiological, molecular, and immunological link between the two. It has been suggested that mycobacterium tuberculosis could be a common pathophysiologic mechanism for tuberculosis and sarcoidosis, and(More)
Twenty grossly obese patients underwent ileojejunal bypass operations. Measurements of calories lost in faeces showed that the malabsorption could not account for the weight loss. Furthermore, the malabsorption was not decreased two years after bypass, when weight was no longer being lost. Dietary restriction is therefore largely responsible for the weight(More)
To describe three presentations of spitting cobra venom induced ophthalmia in urban Singapore. Case notes and photographs of three patients with venom ophthalmia who presented to our clinic between 2007 and 2012 were reviewed. Two patients encountered the spitting cobra while working at a job site while the third patient had caught the snake and caged it.(More)
To report the clinical features and outcome of patients with presumed tubercular uveitis (TBU). Retrospective analysis of patients with presumed TBU at a tertiary referral eye care centre in Singapore between 2007 and 2012 was done. Main outcome measures were failure of complete resolution of uveitis or recurrence of inflammation. Fifty three patients with(More)
Energy intake and expenditure have been assessed in patients before gastric partition for gross obesity, 3 months after operation when they were still losing weight and at 12 months when weight loss was complete and stable. Food intake was drastically reduced after surgery and the energy deficit so produced was sufficient to account completely for the(More)
Flexible bronchoscopy has been available for almost five decades. It has evolved as one of the most commonly used invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedure in pulmonology, and its scope of applications is progressively expanding with the addition of new adjunct technologies such as endobronchial ultrasound, bronchial Thermoplasty, and navigational(More)
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