Leslie J. Waguespack

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We present the Computer Science Scholar's Workbench, a tool kit written in Pascal suitable for research and teaching. It has advantages over contemporary workbenches, UNIX and INTERLISP: a host to support the tool kit costs less than $3,000, the tools are free-available in source from publications, and the tools are written in Pascal which is widely(More)
Since the first courses were offered in programming, plagiarism has been a perplexing problem. Detection techniques, administrative procedures, and penalties vary greatly. Instructors face an increasingly legalistic system when prosecuting plagiarism cases. Panel members will discuss the prevention, detection, and prosecution aspects of program plagiarism(More)
A model of a machine (computing system) is briefly presented for the purpose of teaching characteristics of machine organization. The model is appropriate 'for describing levels which are virtual machines, interpreters, or applications programs running in an execution environment. It is useful as a foundation for theoretical aspects of operating systems and(More)
As punishment in the biblical story of Moses the slaves were told they had to make bricks without straw. This was impossible because bricks made without straw had the appearance of strength and function, but could not withstand the proof of actual use. The slaves' punishment was therefore not only to make bricks, but also to find the straw on their own with(More)