Leslie J. Kitchen

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An object recognition system is presented that it designed to handle the computational complexity posed by a large model base, an unconstrained viewpoint and the structural complexity and detail inherent in a single view. The design is based on two ideas. The first is to compute descriptions of what the objects should look like in the image, called(More)
This paper describes an efficient and effective image similarity calculation method for object-based image comparison at the level of object classes. It uses probabilistic-prediction voting based on the predicted class distribution of each segment of the contour of an object in an image to determine the class of the object. The C4.5 inductive learning(More)
Automatically generated HTML, as produced by WYSIWYG programs, typically contains much repetitive and unnecessary markup. Thispaper identifies aspects of such HTML that may be altered whileleaving a semantically equivalent document, and proposes techniques to achieve optimizing modifications. These techniques include attribute re-arrangement via dynamic(More)