Leslie J Baker

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Ninety-seven members of a tinnitus self-help group were asked to list the difficulties that they had as a result of their tinnitus. Seventy-two replies were returned from 22 men and 48 women (sex not reported in two cases) whose average age was 61 years. Tinnitus was associated with hearing difficulties in 53%, effects on lifestyle in 93%, effects on(More)
Responses to an open-ended questionnaire were obtained from 250 hearing-aid candidates who had never worn a hearing aid and from 250 experienced hearing-aid users. The questionnaire stated 'Please make a list of the difficulties which you have as a result of your hearing loss.' The responses were divided into six major categories. The hearing-aid candidates(More)
This review focuses on characteristics of the Type A behavior pattern in women in studies of demographic characteristics, physiological responses, laboratory performance, and personality. With some exceptions, these characteristics parallel those previously described for Type A men. The incidence of Type A behavior in the United States is comparable for men(More)
A survey of clinical psychologists determined that both objective and projective tests were used with high frequency. The two tests clinicians most frequently recommended clinical students learn to administer were projective (the Rorschach and the TAT) and, among the 10 most frequently recommended tests, projective tests were recommended approximately 30%(More)
The Halifax Explosion provided the opportunity for an "experiment in public health" that was meant not only to restore but also to improve the city and its population in the process. The restructuring that occurred during the restoration was influenced by pre-existing ideals and prejudices which were reflected in the goals of the newly formed committees in(More)