Leslie H. Goldsmith

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This article investigates the role that nonverbal actions play in language processing over 3 different time frames. First, we speculate that nonverbal actions played a role in how formal language systems emerged from our primate ancestors over evolutionary time. Next, we hypothesize that if nonverbal behaviors played a foundational role in the emergence of(More)
This study investigated hemispheric lateralization in comprehending and evaluating lecture material with and without nonverbal hand gestures. Participants watched a lecture with and without gesture under conditions of cognitive load in the left or right hemisphere. There were no effects of gesture or load on lecture comprehension, but gesture and load(More)
Programming environments support the creation, maintenance, execution, and deployment of programs. The development of complex application systems written in APL has always been hampered by the lack of a comprehensive programming environment for the language. This paper presents a new approach to software creation and management through the use of LOGOS, an(More)
The development of applications written in APL has traditionally both benefited by and suffered from the freedom offered by the environment. A consequence of this freedom is that few applications are designed from the perspectives of consistency, modularity, and structure. This paper describes how LOGOS, a programming environment for APL, helps improve the(More)
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