Leslie Genet

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BACKGROUND In chronic kidney disease and dialysis patients, vitamin D deficiency is associated with mortality. In some observational studies, calcitriol analogue therapy was associated with a better survival rate in hemodialysis (HD) patients. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-OHD) levels and(More)
Finding the optimal dialysate calcium (DCa) in haemodialysis (HD) patients remains a therapeutic challenge. Besides, the Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Pattern Study (DOPPS) has reported a greater mortality rate using higher DCa doses. The objective was to assess the impact of DCa prescription on survival. Baseline DCa prescriptions were recorded using a(More)
INTRODUCTION A very low parathyroid hormone (PTH) level (VLPL) is associated with an increased risk of adynamic bone disease, vascular calcification, and mortality in haemodialysis (HD) patients. The aim of the study was to assess the frequency, the associated factors, and the prognosis of non-surgical VLPL in a cohort of prevalent HD patients. METHODS In(More)
OBJECTIVE This study sought to better characterize the relationships between body mass index (BMI) and lean body mass (LBM) as assessed by serum creatinine (SCr) and mortality. DESIGN The data were collected from a prospective prevalent cohort in maintenance hemodialysis patients. SETTING The study was carried out in 25 dialysis units in Rhônes Alpes(More)
Between 1970 and 1972, 183 patients were admitted to the CMC Foch (Pr D. Guilmet) for saphenous vein aorto-coronary bypass surgery. Ten years later a questionnaire was sent to the patient and his cardiologist and the two replies were analysed. Before surgery, all patients had invalidating angina: 12 p. 100 had unstable angina, 61 p. 100 had previous(More)
The association of intraventricular or atrio-ventricular conductive disorders with a calcified aortic stenosis, is a classical notion demonstrated by the close anatomical relationships between aortic valve and conduction pathways. These conductive disorders have been, for quite some time, analyzed on standard electrocardiograms, but, since a few years, the(More)
The Medtronic Intact is a recently commercialized porcine bioprosthesis. Its function and ultrasonic characteristics have not been widely studied. The authors performed a prospective Doppler echocardiographic study of 38 patients with Intact bioprosthesis (n. 19:1, n. 21:10, n. 23:9, n. 25:14, n. 27:3, n. 29:1) implanted in the aortic position and without(More)
A favorable survival effect of phosphate binders (PBs) on incident hemodialysis (HD) patients was recently reported, but no definitive advantages of calcium-based or noncalcium-based PBs have been demonstrated. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of the prescription of PBs using calcium carbonate (CaCO(3) ) or sevelamer HCl (SV) on survival.(More)
Transient loss of consciousness is a frequent reason for hospitalization, but very few prospective studies have been devoted to this topic. Our study involved 150 patients who were admitted for sudden and total loss of consciousness (syncope) with spontaneous return to normality. All patients underwent thorough physical examination, standard laboratory(More)
Dual chamber pacemakers were implanted in nine patients with permanent second or third degree AV block (eight had complete retrograde block). Two identical exercise tests were performed after at least 1 month after implantation. During the first test (T1) the pacemaker was programmed to the DDD mode and heart rates were recorded every 15 to 30 seconds(More)