Leslie E. Tower

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Domestic violence (DV) is a pervasive and serious threat to women's lives and well-being. Medical social workers, family practitioners, and obstetrician–gynecologists are in key positions to screen and offer help. Florida NASW members and board certified family practitioners and obstetrician–gynecologists were mailed a psychometrically tested scale. A total(More)
Rurality, characterized with limited access to emergency stroke care, adds another risk factor to victims of stroke. Although there is a growing literature on gender differences, very little is known about how these gender differences intersect with rurality. A random sample of 2,000 adults were invited to participate (n=1,114) in a mail survey in West(More)
Over the past three decades women's enlistment has continued to increase. In an effort to help social workers better meet the needs of female veterans, this study sought to learn women's enlistment motivations and postdeployment experiences. This qualitative study was nested within the Women Veterans Cohort Study. Using a semistructured interview guide,(More)
This study analyzes variables related to the context and consequences of women's use of violence as well as a wide range of violent behaviors used and experienced by court-ordered English- and Spanish-speaking women. Data were derived from intake assessments of 125 court-ordered women over 24 months. Almost all of the women reported a history of abuse(More)
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