Leslie Donaldson

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OBJECTIVE To investigate changes over time in the prevalence at live birth of cardiovascular malformations and to compare "anatomical" and "physiological" diagnostic hierarchies within a population. DESIGN Retrospective and prospective ascertainment of all congenital cardiovascular malformations diagnosed in infancy. SETTING The resident population of(More)
AIM To investigate the performance of routine neonatal and 6 week examinations for detecting congenital heart disease. METHODS A retrospective review of findings on clinical examination was conducted of a cohort of live born infants with congenital heart disease in one health region in 1987-94. RESULTS Of 1590 babies with congenital heart disease, 523(More)
Patients with acute stroke may become malnourished because of feeding difficulties, so dietary supplementation may improve outcome. We investigated the validity and reliability of an 'eyeball' assessment of nutritional status for use in an international trial of different feeding following acute stroke. One hundred and one inpatients (mean age 75 years), of(More)
Objective: To investigate any relationship between the pathological features of amiodarone-induced pulmonary toxicity (APT) and clinical use of amiodarone in patients dying from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Design: Retrospective study. Review of clinical and pathological findings of patients dying from ARDS. Setting: Intensive Care Unit (ICU)(More)
OBJECTIVE Accurately predicting the prognosis of young patients with breast cancer (<40 years) is uncertain since the literature suggests they have a higher mortality and that age is an independent risk factor. In this cohort study we considered two prognostic tools; Nottingham Prognostic Index and Adjuvant Online (Adjuvant!), in a group of young patients,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the utility of stool water analysis in the management of patients with chronic diarrhea. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of 6 years of experience. SETTING A specialized laboratory in a major referral center. PATIENTS 325 patients with diarrhea who were referred for stool chemistry analysis. Fecal analysis was requested by many(More)
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