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Using data from a recent case-control study, a woman's risk of having a child with a neural tube defect (NTD) was found to be associated with early pregnancy red cell folate levels in a continuous dose-response relationship. These findings were used to calculate the reduction in NTD cases that would be expected under two different strategies to raise folate(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of the study was to measure the impact of a designated Quiet period on the NICU environment and its influence on the infants' physiological and movement responses. The study group comprised 10 preterm infants on assisted ventilation (mean gestational age 28.7 wk (range 24-32 wk), mean birthweight 1,322 g (range 600-2,060 g), mean age 5.2(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperhomocysteinemia arising from impaired methionine metabolism, probably usually due to a deficiency of cystathionine beta-synthase, is associated with premature cerebral, peripheral, and possibly coronary vascular disease. Both the strength of this association and its independence of other risk factors for cardiovascular disease are uncertain.(More)
In a prospective epidemiologic study of 1001 middle-aged men, we examined the relation between dietary information collected approximately 20 years ago and subsequent mortality from coronary heart disease. The men were initially enrolled in three cohorts: one of men born and living in Ireland, another of those born in Ireland who had emigrated to Boston,(More)
  • L Daly
  • 1992
Statistical analysis using confidence intervals is now a preferred approach in the medical literature, and confidence limits for binomial proportions and Poisson counts are commonly required. Normal approximations of varying accuracy are often used in such situations and it is not generally realised that non-iterative exact solutions are available. This(More)
Most people with acute gastroenteritis do not seek medical care and are therefore not captured by routine surveillance. For this reason, population-based studies are needed to measure the burden of illness. A study of acute gastroenteritis in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland surveyed 9,903 people by telephone over the 12-month period from(More)
Significant deficiencies in personal social networks and social support in non-psychotic psychiatric out-patients have been reported by Henderson ad his colleagues. In a replication study, 50 non-psychotic psychiatric out-patients were compared with 50 matched controls. Patients reported spending less time in social interaction, but more time in unpleasant(More)
Blood was taken at the first antenatal clinic from 56,049 pregnant women. Neural tube defect (NTD) pregnancies (81) were compared to controls (247) for plasma vitamin B12 (B12) (ng/l), plasma folate (microgram/l), and red cell folate (RCF) (microgram/l). Median values were significantly different and were, respectively, 243 and 296 (p = 0.001); 3.47 and(More)
OBJECTIVE Mediolateral episiotomy is associated with lower rates of significant perineal tears than midline episiotomy. However, the relationship between precise angle of episiotomy from the perineal midline and risk of third-degree tear has not been established. This study quantifies this relationship. DESIGN Case-control study. SETTING National(More)